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ABBYY Recognition Server

What if all your documents, archives, and business-critical info were searchable? What if no more hours were spent trawling through hard drives and ECM software to find elusive pieces of information?

For organizations running ABBYY Recognition Server, this is a reality. As the standard bearer for enterprise OCR conversion software, Recognition Server offers unparalleled accuracy along with customizable workflow controls and an extremely simple user interface.

  • Peruse our FAQs for quick answers to the most common questions

  • Explore some Recognition Server reviews and see how actual companies have implemented OCR conversion

  • Learn more about the three major "stations" in Recognition Server: Scanning, Verification, and Indexing

  • ...And when the time comes, browse the part numbers to help streamline your ordering

Already using tools like SharePoint or even Google Search Appliance? Then you're off to a great start in making important knowledge universally accessible. Now, it's time to take this endeavor all the way. Let us help you enable the searchability that makes accessibility even more valuable. 

Our document library has further information on these and other integrations, plus much more. If we can assist by answering more questions, providing a live demonstration, or anything else, then contact Paperless Productivity® today!