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Press Release: Updated CMS Claims Automation Solution

Posted by Paperless Productivity on

Seattle, WA - Paperless Productivity®, an industry leader in OCR-based claims form automation, is going to market with version 9.0 of its best-in-class solution for claim reimbursement data entry. This release builds on the decade-long success of its CMS forms processing software by incorporating recent changes to CMS documents and exploiting cutting-edge software advances.

"We're excited to offer such a comprehensive update that makes this a no-brainer for organizations watching their revenue cycles suffer as they get buried in CMS-1500 [previously HCFA-1500] forms, UB-04 forms, and all sorts of other paper claims," says Shamel Naguib, President of Paperless Productivity.

"It's also been thrilling to push the technical boundaries of how OCR [optical character recognition] software could get even more efficient at eliminating hand keying and errors, speeding up EDI 837 conversion and CMS reimbursement timeframes, and automatically reconciling line items. Between these priorities and the CMS form updates, it was the right time to bring claims data capture to the next level."

Mr. Naguib adds that version 9.0 should allow most automation scenarios to go live after three to six weeks of implementation work, and that typical clients should anticipate a positive ROI between six and twelve months thereafter.

The latest CMS-1500 form contains a plethora of changes to accommodate ICD-10 codes and to ensure alignment with the EDI 837 transaction set (a digital counterpart to the CMS-1500 form). In addition, the form reflects numerous smaller updates to ID marks, naming conventions, and other formatting features. Version 9.0 also introduces key technical features for resource monitoring, exception handling, and workflow integration.

About Paperless Productivity

With deep roots in workflow consulting and healthcare data capture automation, Paperless Productivity specializes in eliminating manual data entry through industry-specific OCR solutions. Since its initial release, the Paperless claims solution has been the turn-key tool of choice for fast, accurate, cost-effective data capture in the medical claims space.


Shamel Naguib, President

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