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FlexiCapture Review: Automated Text Validation Enables VW Testing

Posted by BuyOCRSoftware on

There's no end to the variety of text validation scenarios that ABBYY FlexiCapture makes possible. We've deployed it in everything from universal processes like invoice capture to highly unique, industry-specific cases.

But one of the most intriguing use cases comes from Volkswagen, which needed to validate the text in its vehicles' oft-updated, multilingual infotainment systems. VW's electronics department had used text recognition tools from day one, but these systems required frequent training and tuning that the team couldn't sustain. The software would also mistake multicolored text for graphics, which caused severe problems with false validation errors.

The time was ripe for a new, automated text validation tool that could address Volkswagen's pain points, and ABBYY FineReader quickly rose to the top. Built on the same technology that powers FlexiCapture, the FineReader SDK allowed developers to:

  • Seamlessly extract and compare text in 198 languages
  • Take advantage of more advanced pattern recognition
  • Improve accuracy through better dictionary usage

Following just six short weeks of implementation, Volkswagen's first five testing facilities had automated the validation of over 600,000 text characters per day. VW then rolled out FineReader to its five dozen additional facilities, a process that required no substantial changes to the software.

For Volkswagen, improved testing accrued an ROI through fast, enduring reductions in cost and increases in customer satisfaction across its nine brands. Whether your workflows are as specialized as VW's or reflect a more common scenario, ABBYY FlexiCapture / FineReader OCR tools are the proven solution for accurate, automated text validation.

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