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FlexiCapture Review: OCR Facilitates Critical Accounts Payable / Payroll Process

Posted by BuyOCRSoftware on

For Luz del Sur, an electricity distributor in the Peruvian capital of Lima, a sudden government demand created an unexpected data capture burden.

To improve contributions records for the National Housing Fund, the state demanded that Luz del Sur and many other companies submit digital data from every single payslip issued between 1979 and 1998. The organization found itself on the hook for over 80,000 old, yellowed pages of deteriorated typewriting.

Management understood that the manual option—five employees painstakingly typing data into spreadsheets—would have been a poor use of time and resources. Instead, they looked into OCR software as a means of automating payroll data capture. Their search led them ultimately to implement ABBYY FlexiCapture with the help of a domestic workflow consultancy.

FlexiCapture was configured to pull document images from a Hot Folder, route the automatically extracted data between a pair of Verification Stations, and export key fields to a database for storage and TXT file preparation.

Automated AP & payroll / payslip processing with ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR software

The payslip OCR automation task was accomplished well ahead of schedule, despite using only about 2.5 FTEs, not the five that they would have required without FlexiCapture. The software performed strongly even on the archaic, poorly-printed typewriter fonts, and excelled at Spanish-language OCR thanks to ABBYY's roots in linguistics.

Such a successful one-time project is a story worth sharing on its own. However, that's far from the end. Luz del Sur actually found FlexiCapture OCR so valuable in the context of payroll processing that management began leveraging FlexiCapture for three additional business processes and counting.

Clients often find that relatively small pilot projects are ideal for testing a radically new workflow and introducing it to the organization. Likewise, as in Luz del Sur's case, some small projects are intended to stand alone, yet their success effectively morphs them into pilots as colleagues and managers take note of the profound cost and efficiency benefits.

For more information on how OCR technology can take the manual effort out of your own AP or payroll capture processes, please contact a Paperless Productivity® consultant today.