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FlexiCapture Review: OCR Survey Processing Keeps Food On The Table

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The Prolepsis Institute, an Athens-based NGO, is active in a range of medical, environmental, and occupational health research. In 2012, amid the austerity measures that followed the Greek financial crisis, Prolepsis launched a program to ensure that every schoolchild would a) receive a free, nourishing meal during the day and b) form healthful eating habits at home.

After participation exploded from 6,000 initial students to 62,000 just one year later, there was no way to process the lengthy questionnaires that each student submitted at the beginning and end of the year. For the first year alone, survey form processing had amounted to full-time work for ten of Prolepsis's twenty-five employees. At that rate, it was going take one hundred individuals to keep up with the flow of questionnaires.

Data entry simply wasn't feasible, but Prolepsis still needed thorough record-keeping to demonstrate impact for its private funder. With a noble cause at stake, the institute would need OCR survey processing software in order to handle the influx of forms.

Working with a nearby ABBYY OCR partner, Prolepsis chose FlexiCapture for its survey processing automation task. Not least among its reasons was FlexiCapture's accuracy with Greek text, not to mention more than 180 additional languages. But above all, the deciding factors were efficiency and user-friendliness, which permitted just two FTEs to oversee all form processing.

Recall that Prolepsis was on pace to need almost 100 FTEs to handle all of the second-year documents. Requiring only two represents a 98% reduction in anticipated labor costs, which allows the original twenty-five staff to operate the entire nutrition project without any further hiring.

OCR Survey Form Processing Automation With ABBYY FlexiCapture

Document types are practically unlimited in FlexiCapture. As shown above, users can feed a mix of sources into a single platform, which then classifies each document automatically. It then extracts key field and/or the entire text, passes it through a quick verification step, and finally sends the validated data to any combination of destinations.

Around the world, not-for-profit organizations are realizing how much more good they can accomplish when costly, manual back-office work is replaced with this technology. Survey form processing is a common scenario since funders universally demand visibility and measurement. Ultimately, it's just one more example of the overarching need for efficiency, which transcends workflows, departments, and even industries.

Whatever your current workflow challenges may be, there's always an opportunity to streamline them in ways that add value throughout the organization. For more information on the use cases, technology, and solutions we work with on a daily basis, please contact Paperless Productivity® today.