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Recognition Server Review: OCR Technology Empowers Legal Claims Team

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It's tough even to imagine more paper-intensive work than that of LA-based law firm Kantor & Kantor. As insurance claims specialists, they routinely see individual files numbering well into the thousands of pages. Perhaps more importantly, they must often peruse entire sets of documentation to find tiny yet critical pieces of information--which can determine someone's entire financial and medical future.In short, much of their valuable time (and clients' limited budgets) was spent looking for needles in haystacks.

Kantor & Kantor's management was always technologically forward-thinking, but early OCR efforts fell victim to slow, inaccurate software. Even with the old software in place, it still took five human assistants to manage the "automatic" process!

For the firm to survive--let alone offer responsive and thorough legal assistance--it needed to reinvent its discovery process with far more advanced OCR technology

Accurate and searchable output was, of course, the top criterion. Additionally, since thousands of pages pass through the boutique firm each week, robust performance and small business-friendly reasonable price tag were non-negotiable. After thorough testing of several rival applications, Kantor & Kantor decided to implement ABBYY Recognition Server for its document conversion project.

Another differentiating feature that led to the purchase decision was Recognition Server's versatile workflow configuration tools. Beyond simply making life easier, customizable workflows also control costs by minimizing processing time and using IT infrastructure more efficiently. Urgent documents can be prioritized for immediate OCR processing, whereas less critical materials can be routed to an after-hours workflow.

Automated OCR conversion of legal documents using ABBYY Recognition Server OCR software

Today, the workflow no longer sucks up the valuable time of five assistants and paralegals. In fact, a single clerk oversees the entire OCR workflow. And with Recognition Server's accuracy, the only remaining clerical work involves little more than scanning documents into the designated folder.

As Kantor & Kantor discovered, OCR conversion is the best way to alleviate workflow bottlenecks while quickly turning burdensome paper archives into accurate, searchable, digital documents. For a customized demonstration or further information on ABBYY Recognition Server pricing, please contact us today.